What rice should you be using?

Basmati Rice

Basmati, Aborio and Shari, these are just three different types of rice!  Did you know there are over 40 000 varieties of rice, each with their own unique spin.  Long-grain varieties are grains that are, well, long and slim.  Personally I enjoy Basmati rice, a variety popular in Indian cuisine.  Basmati has such an intoxicating aroma and the grains are so beautifully long and tender.  Enough rambling though, long grain varieties of rice tend to seperate when cooking so their ideal when you want the rice to be loose, like in pilafs.


Medium grain rice is softer and more moist than it’s long grain counter-part.  This type of rice is actually popular in Hawaii.  It’s often the type of rice used in masubi, a type of sushi.

Spam Masubi

Lastly, there is short grain rice, the stickiest type!  It’s the extra starch in this grain that gives it its extra stickiness.  This type of rice is useful when you want your rice to be sticky!  Chinese sticky rice is a perfect example!

Chinese Sticky Rice

Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking about different types of rice and how to choose the right grain for your dish!  Until then, keep ricing!


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