Basmati Rice

Hey guys welcome to another week of rice!

This week we’re going to be talking about Basmati rice.

Cooked basmati rice

Basmati is a long grain style rice which heralds from North India and Pakistan.  The word basmati actually means fragrant in Sanskrit and aptly so.  This rice spells great!

I personally love the grain.  When cooked the grains become really light and fully, they also become really long which I think looks pretty unique.  Unlike short grains like arborio, when basmati is cooked the grains still remain seperate, basically, they don’t get sticky.

Due to its origin basmati is common in many Indian cousines.  It can often be found accompanied by curries but my personal favourite has got to be briyani!


Briyani is a North Indian dish made from rice mixed with spices, meat and vegetables!  The dish is similar to Pilaf however it is less sweet.  The great thing about briyani is every grain of rice is richly flavoured with spices which means every bite is a little bit of heaven.

If you haven’t tried basmati rice before I highly suggest trying a plate of briyani, you’ll be hooked!


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