The perfect bowl of rice, from your rice cooker.

Who doesn’t like a perfect bowl of rice, the steam coming off it, the smell, the perfectly fluffed up grains.  I could go on but why don’t I just show you how to make the perfect bowl of rice!


Rice is a simple dish to cook but it’s a hard one to master.  Their kind of like eggs, just about everyone can fry an egg but you see, there’s a difference between frying an egg and frying an egg.  The latter, in bold, is the kind of fried egg which makes you say, “DAMN! This is some good fried egg!”

DAMN! That looks like some good fried egg!

On to the real stuff, how exactly do you make the perfect bowl of fried rice?  Well, that depends on what you’re using.  Now whether or not you’re using a rice cooker or not it’s recommended you thoroughly wash your rice if you don’t want the grains to stick together.  Make sure you wash the rice until the water becomes clear!

Rice Cooker

Full-time rice cooker

Rice cookers are simple enough.  Put in the amount of rice, fill it up with water then flick the switch.  The trick with using a rice cooker is finding the perfect water to rice ratio.  One method is to stick your hand in, washed of course, and fill up the cooker with water until it covers your hand.  Of course, different kinds of rice will use different amounts of water.  Brown rice needs more water than white rice while long grain rice needs more water than short grain.

The best way to perfect your rice in a rice cooker is to cook more rice!  Learn how your rice cooker responds to you.  Respect the rice cooker and it will respect you.

Snoop loves rice too.

Anyway, stay tuned for part two where we’ll talk about cooking rice on your stove!

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3 thoughts on “The perfect bowl of rice, from your rice cooker.

  1. hang on, it is not the amount of rice in the cooker that determines how nice the rice comes out. it is the amount of water. i dont understand about the whole hand in the cooker and the water covering it. are u putting water in first and then adding the rice to fit the amount of water??? that is a roundabout way surely of cooking rice. u add the rice, usually 2 or 3 cups of rice, and then simply add either same amount of cups of water or 1.5 water:1cup of rice.
    adjust by the rice that results and add more or less according to how u like your rice, soft or hard. i dont bother with the cups, i just put in water so it is about 1 finger knuckle above the level of the rice.


    1. Ah you got me, that’s a massive typo! Thanks for catching that out.

      Anyway, the idea with the hand is to fill up your cooker with rice. Then you place your hand on the rice and fill up the cooker with water until your hand is covered! That works out to be the same as a finger knuckle I think. I guess you could always just guesstimate a finger but I kind of like touching the rice =\


  2. haha, i get it, thanks for explaining. here in uk, the water from the tap can be real cold in winter, so i tend to wash the rice by stirring it with a wooden ladle and change the water several times, that way i dont have to touch the cold water. i also estimate the water level to a knuckle deep without having to stick my finger in …i am too lazy to make sure to clean my hands everytime if i use that method. nowadays when u do it often u can make a good guess. i think you live in a hot country that is why u dont mind getting hands wet. haha.


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