Spinach and Mushroom Risotto

A risotto recipe! Great use for that leftover spinach.

Bon AppeTeek


I apologize in advance for this rant: I HATE how some bags of fresh spinach go bad quickly.  If there is one leaf in the pre-washed bag that is wet the rest of the spinach will start to wilt in no time.  I always double-check the bag at the grocery store to determine whether the leaves look too damaged in hopes of preventing the spinach from going bad quickly.  Thankfully we eat a lot of produce (side, smoothies, salads, snacks) and wilting spinach is not a problem I encounter often.  If the spinach starts to get “mushy” (technical term) I usually add it to my smoothie or make creamed spinach.  The thing I hate more than veggies that don’t stay fresh is wasting food.  So I get creative with my uses of wilted spinach.  A friend had posted a picture of creamy kale risotto a while back and I determined…

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