Why rice in your salt shaker makes so much sense

So I’ve blogged about how rice can save your wet electronics but did you know that rice can also save you from clumpy salt in your salt shaker!

I know, isn’t rice just great.

Rice is great for soaking up moisture because it is a dessicant material, basically it makes the vicinity around it dry!  Now, what happens when you get a drop of moisture in your salt?  It gets clumpy and clumpy salt does not come out of a salt shaker.  Maybe you didn’t get any moisture in your salt but even excessively humid environments can cause havoc in  a salt shaker!  

You’d need a giant salt shaker for this.

Here’s how you save yourself for clumpy salt!

Step 1:  Add a few grains of rice into your salt

Step 2:  Shake salt shaker for salt

That’s it, you’re good to go.  Now wasn’t that just the best lifehack!

Doubles up as some interesting table talk too.

P.S.  Check out our old blog post to discover how rice can save your electronics!

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