Rice, saving your electronics.

So, you’ve dropped your phone in some water…..damn it, what do you do now!  Well if you’ve ever found yourself in that situation you’ve probably googled something like, “What do I do when I drop my phone in water!” and you’ll probably see some people suggesting to dunk your phone in some rice.  Why on Earth would you do that?  Well, it turns out rice actually does have some “phone drying” properties!

Believe it!

Rice is a dessicant material/food substance, which means that it’s able to suck up moisture in its vicinity.  Fill an air tight container with some rice and it will quickly become dryer than the Sahara desert!  Much like silica gel, those little packets which say “do not eat!”, rice is great for keeping electronics dry.  While silica gel is used to avoid moisture build up in electronics it can also be used to suck up any existing moisture!

Not that much water…

When using rice to save your precious electronics be sure to use raw (uncooked) rice!  Cooked rice belongs in your mouth.  If you can get your hands on flaked rice all the better!  The added surface area will turn the average rice grain into a super duper water absorption machine.  Basmati is ranked as the most efficient rice absorber with brown rice labelled as the least but really any rice will do.

Yay, learning!

Now that we’ve equipped you with this knowledge we hope you’ll gain a deeper appreciation and love for rice, the greatest staple food on this planet!


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