Rice heating pad, how hot.

Here’s yet another very cool use for rice, a heating pad.  That’s right, fill up a bag with rice, stick in in the microwave and wham you’ve got a heating pad.

Yay, more things you can do with rice!

Okay, so what exactly is a heating pad.  What’s the point!  Well, it’s actually a really cheap and easy way of managing aches and pains.  When you apply a heating pad to your body the blood vessels in the vicinity expand which increases blood flow to the area!  The increased blow flow means more nutrients and oxygen will travel the affected area, it’s a really good thing.  The heat will also stimulate sensory receptors in the targeted area decreasing pain signals to the brain and therefore increasing comfort for you!  If you’re feeling crafty you can even add herbs like lavender to the heat pad to help you relax.

This guy needs a heat pack, pronto.

So how exactly do you make your own heat pack?  I’m glad you asked.  If you search online there are many tutorials showing all kinds of ways to make them.  I’ll link some of my favourite ones here.

1. Crafty Endeavour – Shoulder Heat Pad

2. Sew4Home – This one uses a sewing machine!

3. Blisstree – Literally rice, a sock and dried lavender

There are many more tutorials out there, find one you like and get cracking!  Release your inner craftsman!  If for some reason you don’t or you can’t there are heaps for sale on Etsy and their pretty reasonably priced as well.

When you’re done you can be the envy of all your friends.


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