The History of Rice

Welcome to your first and only history lesson on rice!

Rice is believed to have been a source of food for the Chinese from approximately 2500BC! Starting from China, rice was spread all throughout the world and is now a main food source for half the worlds population. China is still the worlds number one rice producer however it is not the worlds top exporter. That title goes to our friends in Thailand.

This is Pineapple rice, another great export of Thaliand.

The grain is so versatile that it is able to grow in the harsh dessert conditions of the Middle East! This is pretty surprising since we commonly associate rice with waterlogged fields. Contrary to popular belief, rice fields don’t actually need to be swamped with water. However, it does help with growth and weed control.

Even rice fields look pretty.

The two most popular strains of rice we have now are Oryza sativa and Oryza glaberrima. The former is also known as asian rice while the latter is known as African rice. Interestingly, the only continent rice is not grown on these days is the Antarctic.

Antarctica makes up for lack of rice with loads of cute animals!

Rice is a popular feature in the folklore of many cultures. Ever wondered why rice is thrown at some weddings? Well, if you didn’t did you know that rice is thrown at some weddings! It’s because rice is a symbol of life and fertility! Great things in a marriage.

Guess the missing element in this relationship…’s rice.

These days I feel like rice has taken a backdrop to our lives.  Although we still depend on it the acquisition of rice is just a mere trip down to the store.  Don’t forget how special rice is!  Don’t forget all the hard work that has been put into getting the rice from the seed back onto your plate!  Take a moment to appreciate those special grains before you tucker down.  Respect the rice.

P.S.  If you’re interested in learning how to make some kick ass pineapple ricehead over to Gimme Some Oven!  or don’t, just miss out on a great rice dish.  Try it though, it’s seriously good stuff.

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