Rice can ripen your fruit!

Fruit’s great, it’s one of those foods which is super tasty and yet healthy!  But you know what’s annoying, waiting for fruit to ripen.  To have it sitting there on your counter just staring at you, seducing you with it’s fruitiness.


Weirdly enough, rice can actually help to ripen your fruit.  Just stick your fruit in a tub of rice and you’ll cut a few days off the ripening process!  Great for things like bananas, mangos and avocados.    So what’s actually going on behind the scenes?  How on earth does rice ripen fruit?  It’s actually quite simple, fruit produces ethylene gas which basically kick starts the whole ripening process.  The more ethylene, the faster the fruit ripens.  Rice helps to keep the ethylene gas around for longer, the same way a paper bag would work.  Cool huh!

Isn’t science fun!

Anyway, be sure to check on the fruit regularly.  The only thing worse than unripe fruit is rotten fruit!

Have fun enjoying your fresh ripe fruit!

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