Washing your rice, yay or nay?

I grew up in a house where we washed our rice before cooking it.  Now I thought this was normal until I went to a friends place and to my surprise they just stuck it straight into the cooker and switched it on!

Just wow

So that got me thinking, why the hell do we wash our rice.  Won’t all the bad stuff just die when we cook it, and anyway, it’s rice, what could possibly be in there that would want to harm me.  Plus, I don’t think people in Africa would waste water washing rice after trekking across the land for water.

Fellow rice lovers, before I teach you how to cook the perfect bowl of rice, I must first address this issue.  Do we really need to wash our rice?

Firstly, what exactly is all that white powder in a bag of rice.  Well, the answer is actually pretty simple.  When the rice is hulled some of the actual grain might be milled a long with the husk.  Now while the husk will get sifted out of the mixture the particles milled grain is too fine and so they get placed in the bag a long with the rice.


So, should we wash our rice?

Well that actually depends on what you intend to do with your rice after its cooked.

If you want your rice to be more separated/loose you’ll get better results if you wash your rice.  This is due to the removal of the rice powder which is essentially just starch.  The cooked powder will act like a glue, making the grains stick together.

Now, if you’re cooking a risotto on the other hand you want the rice to be nice and sticky.  Washing your rice in this situation would only make your risotto less tasty.  Still tasty, just less tasty.

Ta dah!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post!  Stay tuned for, “How to cook the perfect bowl of rice!”

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